NSLS 2021

NSLS 2021


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Join the2021 NFHS Student Leadership Summit group on BAND. Open this invite link below on your smartphone or desktop to join the group. https://band.us/n/acaf5fP3zc7cA

The NFHS is excited to announce the second year of its virtual student leadership initiative – the National Student Leadership Summit (NSLS). The NSLS will focus on relevant and contemporary issues facing high school students who are participating in interscholastic athletics and activities.

The virtual event allows student leaders to hear from a variety of experts and two featured speakers. By targeting specific topics, each participant will learn skills such as how to develop and maintain healthy relationships with classmates, teammates, coaches, adult leaders/sponsors and officials.

Mental health will be a specific focus as coping strategies are shared. Students will learn conflict resolution techniques and how to be better communicators with their peers and adults. Another topic gaining relevance and popularity is “brain mapping.” Our speakers will systematically teach and model intentional and functional goal-setting strategies for today’s high school student leaders.

These young leaders will learn the value of perspective and inclusion as well. Participants will explore the benefits of being more inclusive of their fellow students and how to develop a better frame of reference for decision-making and reactions. Students will hear about financial wellness, and ways to navigate the virtual world of fiscal responsibility. Inclusion will serve as a consistent theme and transcend all presentations and all education-based activities.