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tennis Rules Information

     Click here to access a PDF of the USTA's Friend at Court publication (2014). 

     How do I purchase a tennis rule book?

           Visit to purchase Friend at Court or Rules of Tennis with a credit card. 

            If you need to purchase 100 books or more, you may do so by calling the USTA Shop at (866) 898-8061. 
                (The USTA is offering state associations a 20 percent discount for orders of 100 units or more.) 

           USTA Rules Books also available through NetKnacks - / (800) 374-6153. 

     The Code (Spanish version) (July 2013) 

     USTA Tennis Rules Challenge for Teaching Professionals and Coaches (2013) 

     USTA Recovery Rule Change (June 2012) 

       USTA Tennis Rules Link Button   


No-Cut Coach Program

    Interested in increasing tennis participation at your school?? Think about starting a no-cut program!

      Click here for resources and more information on how to become a no-cut tennis coach.


Tennis Resources

     United States Tennis Association (USTA) 


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