Swimming & Diving Comments on the Rules - 2020-21

By NFHS on April 17, 2020 swimming & diving Print

1-1-1: The additional language provides clarity on what constitutes the end wall.  The 2019-20 rules book changed the definition of the finish of the race by permitting the swimmer to finish at the end wall, not the touchpad.  That change necessitated a more concise definition of the end wall. 

1-4-5, 1-4-6, 9-2-1, 9-41d, 9-4-2, 9-4-4, 9-4-5: The new articles clarify the difference between a dive round and a dive session.  Diving sessions refer to preliminary rounds, semifinal rounds or final rounds during an 11-dive competition.  After the end of each of these sessions, there is a natural break as scores are tabulated and cuts are made for the next session of competition.  Meet management may choose to permit divers to warm up during these breaks. 

3-3-3 NOTE, 3-3-4c: This rule is a clarification of what the swimming community may see on suits this fall as a result of a rule change made by USA Swimming.  A small check mark will be positioned next to the FINA marking on some suits and is not considered as an additional manufacturer’s logo or advertising.

6-3-2: A legal finish can be accomplished by touching any part of the end wall and the result achieved by that legal touch must be regarded as the official time for the event.  This rule change clarifies that other data points such as touchpad, buttons or stopwatches may need to be used by the referee to determine the swimmer’s time. 

6-3-4: The rule proposal more accurately describes the protocol for determining an official time when the competitor contacts the end wall and not the touchpad. The backup system, meaning backup buttons or stopwatches. may need to be used in situations where the swimmer does not activate the touchpad or the touchpad malfunctions.  This phrase clarifies conditions when the swimmer does not touch the touchpad initially.

9-3-3, 9-3-5: Headings were added to Rules 9-3-3 and 9-3-5 to help delineate the two-step process for a diver participating in a championship meet.  It is a two-step process of (1) entering the divers and swimmers into a culminating meet as part of a team entry submission, and (2) submitting the diving list/scoresheet at that time or a later time.  These headings and wording changes are simply clarifications of the process.