Use the following table to convert yard times or English measurement distances to their equivalent times at metric distances. The table shows the conversion from English to metric. To convert from metric to English, merely reverse the process: i.e., instead of subtracting .3 second from a 440-yard time, you add .3 second from the metric time to find the 440-yard time.
NOTE: This procedure is suggested for seeding purposes ONLY, and should not be considered accurate for converting records from English to metric, or vice-versa.

100 yards to 100 meter: add .9 sec.
120 yard HH to 110-meter HH: time is the same
220 yards to 200 meter: subtract .1 sec.
440 yards to 400 meter: subtract .3 sec.
440-yard relay to 4x100 meter relay: subtract .2 sec.
880 yards to 800 meter: subtract .7 sec.
880-yard relay to 4x200 meter relay: subtract .5 sec.
880-yard medley to 800-meter medley relay: subtract .5 sec.
mile medley relay to 1600-meter medley relay: subtract 1.2 sec.
mile relay to 4x400 meter relay: subtract 1.1 sec.
two-mile relay to 4x800 meter relay: subtract 2.8 sec.
mile run to 1600-meter run: subtract 1.6 sec.
two-mile run to 3200-meter run: subtract 3.4 sec.

110-yard LH to girls 100-meter LH: subtract .1 sec.
220-yard LH to girls 200-meter LH: subtract .2 sec.
330-yard LH to girls 300-meter LH: subtract .2 sec.
330-yard LH to boys 300-meter LH: subtract .2 sec.
330-yard IH to boys 300-meter IH: subtract .2 sec.

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