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NFHS Girls Gymnastics Rule Interpretations 2012-13

2012-13 Girls Gymnastics Rule Interpretations

Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.                                 

Robert B. Gardner, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2012

Correction to Rules Book:  Page 21, Group 2, 6-6-2, shade “2.301 ¼ - ¾ . . .9.0”; Page 17, 28, 53, 6-1-2b, 7-1-2b, 8-1-2b, shade “19 inches”; Page 94, Group 8, should read “SALTOS FORWARD” and no shading

SITUATION 1:  After completing one-half of her routine, a gymnast jumps off the bars due to a torn handgrip.  The judges deduct 0.50 for a fall and allow the gymnast to resume her routine from the point of interruption.  RULING:  Incorrect.  COMMENT:  Since the torn handgrip is not in the control of the gymnast, the judges should not take a fall deduction.  (2-2-1b (9)) 

SITUATION 2:  A gymnast falls from the high bar after attempting a backward giant.  She resumes her routine with a kip on the low bar.  The judges credit the gymnast with one of her two required bar changes.  RULING:  Correct.  COMMENT:  The bar change compositional requirement does not imply that a Value Part must be used to transfer from one bar to another, only that the gymnast must work on one rail at least twice and the other rail at least once.  (7-3-3b NOTE)

SITUATION 3:  A judge notices that while preparing matting for a gymnast, a coach places a 4 ½’ sting mat between 8’ X 12’ landing mat.  The judge informs the coach that the matting configuration is illegal.  RULING:  Correct.   COMMENT:  The top mat shall not be wider than any mat underneath it.  Exception:  A mat at least 10 cm thick may be placed on top of a base mat.  (Rule 3-1-3c)

SITUATION 4:  The meet referee notices the vault landing area has two 8’ X 12’ landing mats placed end-to-end to meet the 18’ X 8’ minimum matting requirement and allows competition to begin.  RULING:  Correct.  COMMENT:  A single mat that is 18’ X 8’ is not required.  When combining mats, all mats should be of equal thickness to provide a level landing surface.  (6-1-2a) 

SITUATION 5:  A gymnast prepares to vault by placing a hand placement mat across the runway next to the vaulting board.  She announces her vault as a handspring.  The chief judge informs the coach that a hand placement mat may not be used for a forward entry vault.  The coach removes the mat.  RULING:  Correct.  COMMENT:  The hand placement mat is intended for hand placement for round-off entry vaults and may not be used for any other vault.  (Rule 1)

SITUATION 6:  A gymnast performs two identical high level back-to-back superiors (HL BBS) and the judges award 0.40 in Bonus (0.20 for each series).  RULING:  Correct.  COMMENT:  High level back-to-back superiors are not required to be different.   (4-1-2E (2)) 

SITUATION 7:  On beam, a gymnast performs a back handspring directly connected to a back salto and then falls.  The judges award 0.20 in Bonus for a high level back-to-back superior.  RULING:  Correct.  COMMENT:  A high level back-to-back may be given credit if a fall occurs following the completion of a second element.  Credit may not be awarded in Bonus for an advanced high superior that includes a fall.  (8-3-5) 

SITUATION 8:  On floor, a gymnast performs a side split leap directly connected to a straddle pike jump.  The judges award credit for a dance series in event requirements.  RULING:  Incorrect.  COMMENT:  A dance series must include Value Parts of different shapes.  A side split leap and a straddle pike jump are both straddle shapes.  (9-2-3b (2) & 9-4-1)


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