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NFHS Swimming and Diving Comments on the Rules 2013-14

2-7-2b  The change permits the use of the new design of the track-style starting platform with the wedge to be used.  If this style block is available the rules do not require the swimmer to place his/her foot on the wedge.  The change is allowing schools to keep up with newer equipment.

3-3-3 Penalties  With the elimination of the high-tech suits, which created a competitive advantage, it is no longer necessary to require the field to “step down” for the wearing of an illegal suit, and is appropriate to now simply disqualify at the completion of the heat.  The protocol to administer the penalty is now in line with other penalties for disqualifications that take place once the heat has started.

3-5  Technology advancements in the area of electronic audio and video devices have made such items easy to use and very accessible. Their use, if not used during the actual competition when a competitor is in the pool or on the board, no longer creates an advantage or disadvantage among competitors or teams. The contest officials should be responsible for what takes place in the competition venue, and not monitoring who is using an electronic device in various locations in the facility or on the bench area, which is difficult, at best, to identify.  The location of the use of such items cannot interfere with the administration of the meet as determined by the meet referee.

8-2-2  Permitting a single butterfly kick following the start or turn at any time prior to the breaststroke kick is more appropriate for the high school swimmer, and will allow greater consistency in officiating the stroke.  This change in the rule will eliminate many of the problems and inconsistencies as to when the arm stroke is actually initiated both for clarity with the swimmer and the officials.

9-7-4  Clarifies how long the diver must maintain the straight-body position for the flying one and one half somersault dives, and the awarding of points when the position is not held.  Previously, the duration for holding the straight-body positions was not clearly identified within the rules.

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