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NFHS Volleyball Comments on the Rules 2013-14




The rule is clear in its application. The wearing of a towel is not always a concern and may at times be needed.  The wearing of any type of electronic device, except under Rule 4 NOTE, would not be permitted. All decisions must be judged by the individual referee on site.

 5-1-1 NOTE New 

Clarifies the host school shall secure match officials, including providing both line judges for the match, unless state association policy determines otherwise. In addition, the host school has the responsibility along with the expectation to train the auxiliary officials so they are competent in caring out their responsibilities.    

 5-2-1 New 

The change in signal sequence to indicate the result of the rally (point or replay), followed by the nature of the fault, allows the scorer to record the score immediately and then prepare for other responsibilities such as recording time-outs, substitutions, etc. The flow of play is more consistent as there is no delay as to which team shall have the next serve.


It is difficult to have teams report to the end lines at the end of the set and unnecessarily creates management issues, thus it is no longer required. There is no need for the first referee to verify the score, as this is done when the second referee confirms set/match point to the first referee.


Clarifies the protocol and whistle sequence for the referees prior to the deciding set.



It is more efficient for the second referee, when verifying the set score, to also verify the match results at the same time. It is not necessary to have the second referee wait for the first referee to travel the court and verify match results, which are technically done when the second referee verifies the score for the final set.

 9-2-1,2 New 

11-3-2 New 

Technology advancements in the area of electronic audio and video devices have made such items easy to use and very accessible. Their use, if not used during the actual competition when a competitor is on the court, no longer creates an advantage or disadvantage among competitors or teams. The contest officials should be responsible for what takes place in the competition venue, and not monitoring who is using an electronic device in various locations in the facility or on the bench, which is difficult, at best, to identify.

 11-4-2 New 

Provides an additional opportunity for a team with only six players to continue playing with a full complement of players after all avenues of substitutions are exhausted.

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