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NFHS Volleyball Points of Emphasis 2013-14


1.       Expectation of Properly Trained Assistant Officials – Assistant officials include the scorer, libero tracker, timer and line judges. Secured and trained by host management (unless state association policy stipulates otherwise), it is imperative that these members of the extended officiating crew are properly trained in advance of the match. Host management should be diligent in ensuring the proper selection and assignment of these assistant officials as there is a reasonable expectation from the referees and participants that these individuals are properly trained and capable of carrying out their assigned duties. Assistant officials who are not prepared and educated in their duties could potentially cause unwarranted delays in the match or even have an impact on the outcome of a rally, set or match. The importance of these assistant officials – scorer, tracker, timer and line judges – in ensuring a climate of fair competition should not be underestimated.


2.       Legal and Properly-Worn Player Uniforms, Equipment and Accessories – Rule 4 Note indicates that “prior to the match, head coaches shall verify that all their players are legal and wearing legal uniforms and equipment.” To accurately make this verification, the coach must know that his/her players are properly uniformed and equipped. Coaches should educate their players about the types of legal equipment and accessories at the start of the season to ensure players obtain legal items for their use during matches throughout the season. It is also the responsibility of the coach to ensure that the uniforms of teammates and the libero meet all NFHS requirements. After observing his/her players prior to the prematch conference and ensuring that they are legally and properly equipped, the head coach is then fully able to make this verification to the game referees.


3.       Mastering Officials Mechanics – The officiating crew will impact the tone and flow of the competition in many ways, such as through their professionalism, knowledge of the rules and communication. For a referee, knowledge of the rules and mechanics of the officials signals is key for communication as well as exhibiting confidence in your call. Referees should take time each season to review the signals and practice their timing when using the signal sequence. Equally important is to master the mechanics of various responsibilities, such as the substitution procedure, and the second referee scanning the court and team bench areas before signaling ready to play to the first referee. There are several changes in the mechanics and the sequence of hand signals that match officials must master in order to be a positive factor in the match as this new season opens.

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