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2013 Spirit Rules Changes

 Rule 1 Definitions 


Revises the definition for a bracer, cradle, extended stunt/position, log roll, release transition/release pyramid transition and suspended roll/flip. New definitions are added for downward inversion, loading position/load and open-pike position. 


2-1-15 New 

Adds state association authority to determine reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities to the rules rather than as a statement at the beginning of the rules book.  



Clarifies that a base can hold objects in his/her hand but only in a hand that is not providing primary support. 



Clarifies the role of the bracer by simply stating that a bracer must not provide primary support for a top person. 



Adds a triple-base straddle sit as a stunt that does not require a spotter. 



Revises and clarifies the rules regarding inverted partner stunts. 



 Clarifies the rules regarding stunts in which the top person is moved from a vertical position to a face-up or face-down straight body position.  

2-7-1 New 


 Clarifies that a top person must be braced or cradled in all release stunts and tosses with the exceptions of a quick toss, helicopter or log roll. 

2-7-6 b & c 


Allows a top person to begin and end in a face-up or face-down position in multi-base log rolls and reduces the number of required bases/catchers. 

2-7-7 b 


Adds an exception to the requirement for continuous hand-to-hand/arm contact for a multi-base non-braced (free standing) tick tock. 




Deletes the rule that prohibited releasing a vertical top person from above shoulder height to a catch in a layout position as this is now governed by other rules. A new rule 2-7-10 is added which states that a top person in horizontal position shoulder height or below or in a cradle may be released to a loading position or stunt shoulder height or below. 



Allows dismounts from double base stunts or single base stunts with a spotter from shoulder height or above to the performing surface that involve a skill.. 




Clarifies that the bases and bracers must remain in place during a cradle dismount in which a bracer is involved after the bases release the top person. 


Allows a one-hand cartwheel while holding pom(s) in the free hand.  




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