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NFHS Coach Education Program Offers New First Aid Course with Assistance of American Red Cross


With the assistance of the American Red Cross, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has developed a new first aid course – “First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches” – for its online Coach Education Program at

The course – one of two core courses along with “Fundamentals of Coaching” – is designed to provide interscholastic coaches an overview of first aid, as well as the best practices for many first aid situations that coaches may encounter. A certificate of completion, which is valid for two years, will be available to individuals who complete the course.  

The two core courses in the NFHS Coach Education Program provide coaches content from all eight domains contained in the National Standards for Sport Coaches, which were established by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) in 2006.

“First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches” is composed of eight units, as well as demonstration videos and printable PDF forms. Unit topics are 1) Before Giving Care; 2) Breathing Emergencies; 3) Sudden Illness; 4) Environmental Emergencies; 5) Soft Tissue Injuries; 6) Injuries to Muscles, Bones and Joints; 7) Health and Safety in Sports, Part 1, which deals with psychological issues such as eating disorders; and 8) Health and Safety in Sports, Part 2, which addresses skin conditions and infectious diseases.

The course also includes videos that demonstrate 1) moving an injured athlete, 2) caring for an unconscious athlete, 3) splinting, 4) proper removal and disposal of latex gloves, 5) controlling bleeding, 6) proper hand washing, and 7) preparing a sling.

The NFHS Coach Education Program offers 32 online courses, including the two core courses – “Fundamentals of Coaching” and “First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches.” The NFHS also offers 14 sport-specific courses and 16 elective courses, including seven that are free.

All NFHS Coach Education Program courses are available at

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