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NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Comments on the Rules 2013

1. 3-19-2, Legal implements in warm-ups – To reduce the likelihood of illegal implements being used in competition, only legal implements are allowed in warm-ups.

2. 4-3-1,2 and 9-6-1, Illegal uniform penalty – The adjustment of this penalty to an individual warning and disqualification for a subsequent violation of the same rule, is more appropriate for the severity of the actual violation. The responsibility remains with the coach to have athletes in legal uniforms for competition. Preventative officiating will be significant to reduce potential violations.

3. 5-1-5, Running track free zone – An obstacle-free zone should surround the track, when it is feasible, for purposes of risk minimization. When renovating or constructing a new facility the design should consider the free zone. For existing tracks, care should be given to keep obstacles, such as hurdles, away from the track.

4. 5-10-7, Legal baton exchange – The baton must be exchanged between the incoming and outgoing runners within the exchange zone. The incoming and outgoing runners shall not simultaneously touch the baton outside the 20-meter exchange zone.

5. 6-2-3 and 7-2-3, Competitors to finals – Clarifies that, with no action from the games committee, one more than places scored are to advance to finals. This protocol provides consistency in the number of competitors to advance.

6. 7-2-10, Time limits for field events – The rule now includes the time limits for consecutive attempts in field events which had not previously been addressed within the rules.

7. 7-5-19, Range in the position of uprights in pole vault – The range to set the position of the uprights/standards in the pole vault is change to 18 inches (45.7 cm) as measured beyond the vertical plane of the top of the stopboard, zero point, up to a maximum distance of 31.5 inches (80 cm) in the direction of the landing surface. The distance provides a better range of placement of the standards for risk minimization and is more appropriate for the high school vaulter.

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