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NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Points of Emphasis 2013

1. Officiating when the acceleration zone is not used – Umpires shall be
placed by the referee in position that they may observe the competition closely.
A sufficient number should be assigned to adequately observe the race and in
relays the exchange zone. Umpires are stationed at the beginning and end of zone
and must move to keep all competitors during exchange in view.

2. Mechanics for head event judge when excused competitor has not
returned –
The head event judge may excuse a competitor to participate in another
event. The games committee must establish the time for the excusal from the
event. The order of competition to accommodate may be made as well as trials
in succession. When the competitor checks out through the event judge, his/her
time is recorded it is known the competitor is excused, when he/she should return
and that the competitor shall not be called up for a trial when excused from that

3. Head event judge responsibilities to enhance event safety – The head
event judge should arrive at the event venue in time to do a walk through to check
and make certain the required markings and equipment are set-up properly. The
area around the venue should be clear and cordoned off to keep spectators and
others safe distance away from the competitive venue area. The head event judge
should meet with all parties involved in administering the event and review procedures
to be followed to conduct the event in a safe environment. Any problems
should be reported to the meet director.

4. Use of flags by field event judges – The rules currently provide for a number
of required uses of flags ranging from signaling a state of readiness to a
potential violation. All personnel should be knowledgeable of what color flag to
use, when and where. Many times in larger meets the event judges will use red
flags to indicate they are not ready for competition to begin and white to indicate
ready. When the conditions warrant, the additional use of flags can be useful to
keep the meet progressing smoothly and safely.

5. Continuous flights, “5 Alive” and “5 Active” – When using continuous
flights when one competitor will not be participating the next competitor will be
called to move into the rotation and will just become the next competitor. Another
method is to have the next competitor move into the rotation in the very location
where the previous competitor had been participating. Either of these two methods
is acceptable to keep the competition moving.

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