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NFHS Girls Gymnastics Comments on the Rules 2012-14


1. 2-2-1b(9), Repeating an Exercise – Repeating an exercise is based on the conditions surrounding the
interference of the exercise and not because the participant believes she can receive a higher score.

2. 3-1-3a and b, Maximum Thickness of Matting – The correction in the measurement reflects the actual
thickness of the manufactured mat. The change to the maximum matting allows the gymnast to use any
configuration of manufactured mats and not exceed the maximum total matting permitted.

3. 4-1-2E, 6, 7, 8 and 9, Bonus Category – The revision of the Bonus category is for ease of understanding
and for objective application. Bonus High Superior is changed to Advanced High Superior for clarification

4. 4-4-1, 2, 3, Range of Scores – The use of the average score to determine the range is a more accurate
method than the use of a single judge’s score.

5. 5-1-6b, Inquiries and Mathematical Errors – Clarifies the reference to inquiries involving mathematical
errors. Additionally, only legal inquires may be accepted by the meet referee.

6. 6-2-5b, 6-3-4h, l, j & o, 6-4-2a, 6-4-4h, I, j & p, 6-5-1a, d, h & i, Deductions – Specifies the various
deductions which have previously not been clearly stated.

7. 6-6, Vaults – New vaults were added with specific values while other vault values were clarified.

8. 6-6-2 (2.207), 6-7-1 (2.207), 6-6-2 (2.203), Vault Values – Realigns the value of a ¼ - ¾ to be
consistent with ½ - ½ in vault. Clarifies that a ¼ - ¾ vault may end facing toward the table or away from the

9. 7-3-3a, 8-3-3a, 9-3-3a, Composition – Adds compositional considerations and guidelines for
deductions for all events under the category of composition. Specifies the category name is changed to Variety of Elements and Connections.

10. 7-3-4c(7), Extra Swings – Under NOTES, there are additional specifications regarding when an extra
swing deduction is taken and the maximum deduction for extra swings.

11. 7-6-1 (1.204), 7-6-3 (3.303), 7-6-4 (4.303), 7-6-7 (7.301), 7-6-8 (8.203), 8-6-2 (2.209, 2.212, 2.309, 2.409, 2.412), 8-6-7 (7.101), 8-6-7 (7.103), 8-6-8 (8.402), 8-6-11 (11.203, 11.303, 11.403), 9-6-1 (1.112, 1.212, 1.312, 1.406), 9-6-8 (8.101), 9-6-8 (8.302), 9-6-9 (9.305), 9-6-10 (10.202), Element Clarifications – Specifies the value of new elements added to each event.

12. 8-2-3, Event Requirements – Clarifies the language addressing event requirements that a single element
within a series shall not be used twice in order to fulfill two series requirements.

13. 8-2-5, Handstands Not Passing Through Vertical – Clarifies that a handstand combined with another
medium shall not be awarded superior credit due to a handstand not passing through the vertical.

14. 8-2-6, Event Description – Deletes the previous 8-2-6 referencing medium acro elements that attain or
pass through the vertical.

15. 9-1-1, Equipment and Specifications – Revises the floor exercise dimensions.

16. 9-3-5, Back-to-Back Superiors on Floor Exercise – Clarifies that superiors, high superiors and advanced high superiors may receive back-to-back superior credit if they are in one continuous directly connected pass.
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