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What is the NFHS and the NFHS Music Association?


What is the NFHS and the NFHS Music Association? 


The National Federation of State High School Associations’ membership consists of the state associations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia which conduct, administer and promote high school athletic programs. In 27 of these states, performing arts activities (music, speech, debate, theatre, etc.) are also under the jurisdiction of these state associations. Performing arts activities in the remaining states are coordinated by organizations and select individuals who work closely with the high school programs within their state. Over 20,000 high schools are represented in this membership including approximately 89 percent of the total senior high schools in the United States.  


NFHS services to speech, debate, theatre and music programs include music adjudication forms; instructional videos; regional clinics; pamphlets; books and coordination of the selection of the national high school policy debate topic.  


The NFHS also coordinates the NFHS Music Association – an association for music directors and individuals who direct and adjudicate high school music contests and festivals. Membership benefits include liability insurance coverage while conducting related music activities, The NFHS Music Association Journal, published online twice each year, containing both original articles and reprints of the best of the best from state music journals and a national awards program for outstanding music educators. 


The NFHS continues to work closely with other national organizations which regulate or coordinate high school performing arts activities. 



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