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2011-12 NFHS Soccer Rules Interpretations

Publisher’s Note: The National Federation of State High School Associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. They do not set aside nor modify any rule. They are made and published by the NFHS in response to situations presented.
Robert B. Gardner, Publisher, NFHS Publications © 2011

SITUATION 1: A player who is not listed on the roster scores a goal. The goal is allowed. RULING: Legal. Since players may be added to the roster after the start of play, a goal by a player who is not on the roster should be allowed and the player’s name and number should be added to the roster.  (3-1-3 Situation A)
SITUATION 2: Team A arrives wearing striped jerseys that have large, light blue- and white alternating stripes. Two members of Team A are wearing visible light red T-shirts beneath their jerseys. RULING: Legal. Striped jerseys are permissible for the visiting team as long as the predominate color is dark. Jerseys with equal-sized stripes that have both dark and white stripes do not have a predominant dark color and would be illegal. Also, shirts may be worn under the jersey as long as the shirts are the same color and of similar length.  (4-1-1 Situation D)
SITUATION 3: During play, bench personnel are required by officials to wear pinnies while warming up outside the team area. RULING: False. It is recommended.  (4-1-1 Situation K)
SITUATION 4: During the game, the referee notices a goalkeeper wearing (a) shorts, (b) pants and (c) padded goalkeeper pants. RULING: Legal in (a), (b) and (c).  (4-1-1 Situation L)
SITUATION 5: Prior to the start of the contest, the referee meets with the teams’ head coaches and captains and after reciting a sportsmanship message asks both head coaches if their teams are properly and legally equipped according to NFHS Soccer Rules. Each coach answers in the affirmative. (a) After the contest has started, Player A is noticed to have a shinguard that has the NOCSAE seal indicating that the shinguard is undersized for the player’s height; (b) after the second half starts, Player A is noticed to be wearing illegal jewelry; (c) during the course of play, a knee brace is dislodged by a collision between two players. RULING: In (a) and (b), if it is the first offense, the player is sent off the field and cannot re-enter until the next legal substitution opportunity, and the coach of Team A is cautioned for the team not being legally equipped. If it is the second offense, the player is cautioned. In (c), player is not cautioned, leaves the field and may re-enter after reporting to an official, who shall be satisfied that the knee brace is now in order.  (4-3 Situation A)
SITUATION 6: The game is terminated by the head referee due to a fight among players of both teams and (a) the team trailing started the fight; (b) the team leading started the fight; (c) the score is tied. RULING: In (a), (b) and (c), no winner is declared by the official and all conditions regarding the incident shall be reported to the proper authorities in writing.  (5-3-2 Situation B)
SITUATION 7: During the match, (a) A1 commits a foul in a reckless manner, (b) A1 is the second player from Team A observed with illegal equipment and (c) after scoring a goal, A1 celebrates excessively. RULING: (a), (b) and (c), caution A1 for unsporting conduct.  (12-8-1 Situation B)
SITUATION 8: Player A2 is moving toward his opponent’s goal with an obvious chance to score a goal when he is taken down by the jersey by player B2 (a) outside the penalty area; (b) inside the penalty area. RULING: Illegal in (a) or (b) and the offending player is disqualified for serious foul play whether or not a goal is subsequently scored. Penalty in (a) will be a direct free kick and in (b) a penalty kick unless a goal was scored, in which case a kickoff will be the restart.  (12-8-3 Situation E)

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