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Merger of NFHS Spirit Association and NFHS Coaches Association

No activity involving athletes has changed and evolved more in the past 25 years than cheerleading and dance.  As we grow as spirit coaches with so many more responsibilities and duties, we recognize that we are indeed coaches, just like all our colleagues in all other sports.  We also now have coaches training courses available to spirit coaches in the NFHS Coach Certification program online at  With all these things in mind, we see that the NFHS Spirit Association should become a part of the NFHS Coaches Association.  This natural merger will not change anything that coaches receive from their memberships in the Coaches Association.  All benefits that you enjoyed as a member of the NFHS Spirit Association remain the same in the NFHS Coaches Association. 


We hope that you will continue to grow in your training and enthusiasm for coaching and that spirit teams will benefit from that growth by having professional, knowledgeable coaches running the programs.  I encourage you to join the NFHS Coaches Association and remain with the NFHS in its continuing support and education of spirit coaches!


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