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Speech, Debate and Theatre Association Membership Benefits


The NFHS is comprised of a membership of more than 50 state associations and affiliates involving 20,000 high schools, 500,000 coaches and directors, and 500,000

officials and judges. The combined efforts of these organizations and individuals provide a wide range of athletic, speech, debate, music and theatre activities for nearly 12 million high school students.

Some of the objectives of the NFHS Speech, Debate and Theatre Association are:

• To coordinate speech, debate and theatre programs at the state and national levels.

• To provide in-service training for high school directors of speech, debate and theatre.

• To create a network of speech, debate and theatre educators who prepare students for contests and festivals.

• To share information, ideas, coaching techniques and contest management skills among prospective coaches, current high school and college directors of programs and state association administrators who have responsibilities for coordinating these programs.

• To involve high school coaches in the topic selection process for choosing the national high school policy debate topic.

• To assist state coordinators with the development of speech, debate and theatre programs.

• To facilitate communication between coaches and directors at the high school level with those at the college level.

• To provide high school speech, debate and theatre directors with opportunities for sustained professional development.


One annual payment provides member benefits for one year from the date payment is received by the NFHS. Join online or download additional. For membership outside the United States, please write to the NFHS for current membership fees.


Insurance Benefits 

  • Excess General Liability insurance coverage
  • Excess Accidental Medical and Dental
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment

• Access to online publication for high school speech, debate and theatre directors – The Forensic Educator 

• A subscription to High School Today 

• Access to low-cost resources

• Professional development opportunities through NFHS regional workshops for coaches

• Membership card

• Exclusive member-only online access to 30 NFHS speech, debate and theatre booklets:

  • Answering Plan Attacks and Disadvantages
  • Coaching Policy Debate
  • Common Debate Fallacies
  • The Debate Flowsheet
  • Debate Tournament Administration
  • Developing and Defending Disadvantages
  • Developing and Defending the Negative Position
  • A Glossary of Terms for Policy Debate
  • Guidelines for the Debate Judge
  • An Introduction to Debate
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate: The Basics of Value Argumentation
  • Paradigms of Debate
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • Preparing for Participation in Student Congress
  • Public Forum Debate: An Introduction
  • Rebuttals and Extensions in Policy Debate
  • Socrates in the Forum: The Role of Philosophy in Lincoln Douglas Debate
  • Tests of Evidence
  • Topicality: Theory and Practice
  • Understanding the Counterplan
  • Values in Policy Debate
  • Winning Strategies for the Affirmative Case
  • Winning Ways in Mock Trial

Other Speech, Debate and Theatre Products 

In addition to the 30 booklets available to all members of the NFHS Speech, Debate and Theatre Association, the following publications and products are available for purchase at the NFHS Online Order Center:

• The Forensic Quarterly

• NFHS Speech Coach’s Manual for Speech and Debate

• DVD Package on the Current Policy Debate Topic (Space for 2011-12)

• DVD Package on Public Forum Debate

• DVD Package on Lincoln Douglas Debate

• DVD Package on Original Oration

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