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Coaches Association Membership Benefits

Mission Statement 

The mission of the NFHS Coaches Association is to enhance the professional development of all high school sports coaches in order to improve interscholastic athletics in America.

Membership / Benefits 

The Individual Membership period is one calendar year from the date the properly completed application and appropriate fees are received by the NFHS. One annual dues payment covers all sports.

NFHS Coaching Today, an online professional publication developed by and for coaches.

Insurance Coverage for Member Coaches Includes Excess General Liability, Excess Accident Medical/Dental, and Accidental Death and Dismiemberment

Accredited Interscholastic Coaches (AIC) who have completed the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching, First Aid for Coaches and Fundamentals of Coaching (Sport-Specific) or Teaching Sport Skills will receive an additional $1 million of excess general liability coverage. These courses can be accessed at the NFHS Learning Center. 

Your membership in the NFHS Coaches Association provides insurance coverage, including excess general liability. This summary is not an offer of insurance coverage.

The insurance applies only for losses resulting from the coaching or instructing of organized sport/activity programs, day camps, clinics and tournaments held in a state or U.S. territory/possession where such sport or activity is recognized for high school participation by the member State High School Association or by high schools that follow the guidelines of the member state associations (or NFHS Affiliate Association in the territory/possession). If a sport is recognized for either boys or girls in that state, territory or possession, the coach will be covered for both boys and girls.

Participants must be 19 years of age or younger or follow the guidelines of their respective member State High School Association. Coverage also applies while such member is coaching while temporarily outside the United States, its territories and possessions, as long as the sport is recognized by one of the State High School Associations or NFHS Affiliate Associations.

Coverage applies to strength coaches, but only for school activities for which the coach is employed by a member school of a State High School Association (or if within a United States territory, or possession, by an NFHS Affiliate Association). The athletes must be students at the school and participating in a sport that is recognized for high school participation.

Coverage is not limited to high school activities only. It can also apply to youth or recreational leagues and college coaching, but the sport must be recognized for high school participation by the state high school association.

No coverage is provided for the coaching or managing of any professional sport or activity.

State, Sectional and National Awards 

  • 1,000 Coaches are recognized at the state level
  • 168 Coaches are recognized at the sectional level
  • 21 Coaches are recognized at the national level
  • NFHS Coach Contributor
  • NFHS Coach Citation

Exclusive Online Services for members only.

Including searchable and viewable rules and case books and other educational materials.

Representation on national rules committees and other NFHS standing committees 

You can also access the Coaches Education and free resources in the “Locker Room”.

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 Coach Education Courses 

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