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NFHS Now Offers Middle School Coach Education Course




Contact: Tim Flannery

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 28, 2011) — A new coach education course – Coaching Sports in Middle School – is now available online through the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) at This course is the newest addition to the NFHS Coach Education Program.

Coaching Sports in Middle School focuses on middle school issues and how to address them. All NFHS coaching education courses are applicable to the middle school/junior high level, but this one has been tailored to the unique characteristics of that level. It factors that middle school athletes aren’t young adults yet and are at a different skill level.

NFHS Assistant Director Tim Flannery encourages all coaches to take the new course in order to make certain that middle school students receive the proper instruction.

“Every coach and administrator at the middle school level should be required to complete the online course Coaching Sports in Middle School to ensure the students who participate in athletics have an educational experience,” Flannery said. “Some schools have been using middle school teams as feeder systems for their high school programs, but that is not how they are intended to be used. This course is a reminder that middle school activities should be fundamentally about participation.”

Coaching Sports in Middle School takes approximately one hour to complete and costs $20.

The NFHS Coach Education Program was started in 2007, and more than 160,000 coaches have taken the core course — Fundamentals of Coaching.  Forty-five of the 51 NFHS member associations have adopted the course.

The NFHS offers coaches the ability to become certified as an Accredited Interscholastic Coach. In addition to the Fundamentals of Coaching course, coaches must complete NFHS First Aid for Coaches, or its equivalent, and one of the sport-specific courses or Teaching Sport Skills, and then can apply for certification online. 

All NFHS coach education courses are available at


This press release was written by Steven Peek, the spring 2011 intern in the NFHS Publications/Communications Department and a senior at Butler (Indiana) University.
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