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Clarification Issued in High School Spirit Rules

Contact: Susan Loomis

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (April 6, 2011) — A clarification of the high school spirit rules dealing with allowable stunts on a basketball court or track approved earlier this year by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Spirit Rules Committee has been issued.  

In addition to basket tosses, elevator tosses or similar multi-base tosses that must take place only on grass (real or artificial) or a mat, airborne twisting tumbling skills can only be performed on grass or a mat as well.  

“The original release distributed earlier this year had a comma between twisting and tumbling, making it appear that all tumbling was prohibited on hard surfaces,” said Susan Loomis, NFHS spirit consultant and liaison to the Spirit Rules Committee. “That, of course, is not the correct interpretation. What has been relegated to grass or a mat from a risk minimization concern are twisting tumbling skills while airborne.” 

The revised press release and a listing of the 2011-12 NFHS high school spirit rules changes are available on the NFHS Web site at
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