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Site Selection Process

Below are the site selection processes for NFHS Conferences and Meetings.


Summer Meeting and Winter Meeting:

  1. NFHS State Association executives are asked to nominate one (1) city from their respective states for the conference.
  2. State Association executives vote on their top three (3) conference locations, based on an East, Central, West rotation.
  3. The NFHS sends a Request For Proposal (RFP) to the Convention & Visitors Bureaus of the top three (3) cities, based on state association votes.
  4. Based on the proposals received, the NFHS conducts site visits and begins the negotiation processes.

     *If you are interested in hosting the Summer Meeting or Winter Meeting, your starting place is to contact your state association and request to be nominated.


National Athletic Directors Conference:

  1. The NFHS/NIAAA send a Request For Proposal (RFP) to Convention & Visitors Bureaus.
  2. Based on the proposals received, the NFHS/NIAAA conduct site vitis and begin the negotiation processes.
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