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*Deadline for 2014-2015 school year is September 1st.
Contact NFHS Music Association for more information.

NFHS Music Association 

The NFHS Outstanding Music Educator Award was first given in 1989 when seven individuals received sectional awards. Since that time, 142 sectional and 258 state awards have been presented. Added to those totals for 2013-2014 are six sectional awards and eleven state awards. Also, 1989 marked the beginning of an annual selection of a NFHS Citation recipient. The Citation is one of the highest award presented by the NFHS in the fine arts.

Nominations for the NFHS Outstanding Music Educator Awards are solicited from the NFHS's 50 state contacts. All new nominations, plus selected past recipients, are considered for state, sectional or Citation awards. Once selected by the NFHS Music Committee, nominators are notified of the status of their nominee and are afforded the opportunity to make the award presentation at a suitable event.


Click here to see the NFHS High School Today article about the 2013-2014 award recipients.


NFHS Citation - Rosanne Malek, IA


Sectional      State 

Section 3 – Michael Mangum 
Section 4 – Emily Nunemaker-Bressler                  
Section 5 – Jean Severance Ney
Section 6 – Peter Markes
Section 7 – Neil Hendriksen
Section 8 – Bruce Gutgesell 


Paul Anderson, IL
Tom Haugen, IA
Rita Stinner, NE
Winifred Crock, MO
Scott Hay, KS
Bob Goheen, SD
Bernie Chavez, NM
Dusty Molyneaux, MT
Mark Langley, AR
Robert Floyd, TX
Gary Ambrosier, CO

Click here to see the NFHS High School Today article about the 2012-2013 award recipients.


NFHS Citation - Dana Hamant - KS


Sectional      State 

Section 4 – Rosanne Malek, IA       

Section 5 – Cheri Helmer-Riensche, NE     

Section 6 – William Kohut, CO

Section 7 – Dr. David Fullmer, UT

Section 8 – Allen Slater, MT


Joel Dunlap, MS 
 Emily Nunemaker-Bressler, IL 
William Reichert, NE 
 Paul Warnex, MS 
Jean Severance Ney, KS 
 Dr. Alan LaFave, SD 
 Charles Schooler, WA 
 Charles Gerheart, NM 
Charles Regier, OK
Cathy Andrews Williams, AR 
 Randy & Bonnie Bartlett, TX



The NFHS High School Today article about the 2011-2012 award recipients, please click  here .

NFHS Citation - Leon Kuehner, IA



Section 5 – Marion Roberts, KS
Section 6 – James Van Zandt, TX
Section 7 – Lois Johnson, UT
Section 8 – David Weatherred, WA 



Linda Davis, MS 
Allen Chapman, IA 
Gregory Townsend, IL 
Cheri Helmer-Riensche, NE 
Patti Fleer, MO 
Corliss Johnson, SD 
Cheryl McIntyre, ND 
C. Wayne Manzanares, CO  
Pamela Towry Church, NM 
Bill Perring, OK 
Carrie Taylor, AR 
George Hattendorf, AZ
Nancy Murdock, MT




The NFHS High School Today article about the 2010-2011 award recipients, please click here.


NFHS Citation - David Circle, KS



Section 4 - Leon Kuehner, IA
Section 5 - Dana Hamant, KS
Section 6 - Thomas Waggoner, TX
Section 7 - Norman Lister, UT
Section 8 - Dean Peterson, MT



Martin Kohn, IL
Dave Klein, NE
Steve Litwiller, MO
Cathleen Britton, SD
Jim Meillet, OK
Virginia Nickels-Hircock, NM
Joe Trusty, AR
Regina Weeks, MS



To view the NFHS High School Today article about the 2009-2010 award recipients, please click here.

NFHS Citation - Guy Blair, Iowa



Section 3 - Duncan Goff, MS

Section 4 - Gary Fiscus, IA
Section 5 - David Circle, KS
Section 6 - Kenneth Griffin, TX
Section 7 - Clinton Frohm, UT
Section 8 - John Combs, MT



Chip Braker, IL
Stanley Johnson, NE
Kathy Phillips, MO
Laurence Johnson, SD
James Morrison, OK
Michelle Ewer, CO
Arnell Arellanes, NM
Craig Jones, AR
Nellie Ponikvar, TX
Dale Johnson, WA
Peggy Dahl-Bartunek, ND





NFHS Citation - Dr. Myron Welch, Iowa



Section 2 - Joel Cotter, WV
Section 4 - Guy Blair, IA
Section 5 - Cathy Crispino, KS
Section 6 - Alfred Sturchio, TX
Section 7 - John Miller, UT
Section 8 - William Klouse, WA



Paul Kimpton, IL
Byron Braasch, NE
Roy Vandelicht, Jr., MO
Michael Lien, MN
Clayton Southwick, SD
Jan Smith, OK
Tom Fleecs, CO
Aaron Fleming, NM
Sherry Freeman, MS
Karen Dismuke, AR
Kenneth Griffin, TX
Beth Mazanec, MT
Rob Tapper, WA
Rebecca Raber, ND




To view the NFHS News article about the 2007-2008 award recipients, please click  here .

NFHS Citation - Vicki White-Miltun, Washington




Section 3 - Vance Wigginton, MS
Section 4 - Lee Nelson, IA
Section 5 - Dale Fiedler, SD
Section 6 - Jay Dunnahoo, TX
Section 7 - Ferron Holt, UT
Section 8 - Erik Engebretson, MT


Leslie Garrett, WV
Paula Keeler, IA
Louis Ricci, IL
Sharon Hoffman, NE
Kirt Mosier, MO
Lee Kjesbo, MN
Robert Lee, KS
Dawn Thrailkill, OK
Gary Ambrosier, CO
Kathleen Dollahon, NM
Tina Niederbrach, AR
Alfred Sturchio, TX
Robert Wells, MT
William Klouse, WA




To view the NFHS News article about the 2006-2007 award recipients, please click  here .

NFHS Citation - Tony Gonzalez, Oklahoma



Section 4 - Dan Dietrich, IL
Section 5 - Paul Copenhaver, MO
Section 6 - David Gorham, OK
Section 7 - Richard Marsden, UT
Section 8 - Ben Brooks, OR

Michael Coyne, SD
Timothy Cunningham, AR
Jay Dunnahoo, TX
John Emerson, MS
Erik Engebretson, MT
Daniel Grace Jr., CO
Ron May, IL
Lee Nelson, IA
Carla Oliver, MO
Fred Ritter, NE
Zane Schaefer, MN
Robert Scott, WV
Brian Uerling, NM



To view the NFHS News article about the 2005-2006 award recipients, please click here.

NFHS Citation - Dennis Granlie, Montana



Section 4 - Dr. Myron Welch, IA
Section 5 - Robert Carlson, SD
Section 6 - Tony Gonzalez, OK
Section 7 - Bryan Tobler, UT
Section 8 - Fred Dole, WA


Byron Filben, WV
James Bailey, MS
Jerry Kinney, IA
Dan Dietrich, IL
Michael Smith, MN
Dr. Michelle Bluford, NE
Paul Copenhaver, MO
John Whitwell, MI
Sharon Ward Cooper, AR
Frank Coachman, TX
Terry Annalora, MT
James McNeal, CO
Ben Brooks, OR
Cam Bohman, AK
Doug Janas, WY


To view the NFHS News article about the 2004-2005 award recipients, please click here.

NFHS Citation - Dan Larson, Oklahoma



Section 4 - Rex Benson, IL
Section 5 - Gayle McMillen, KS
Section 6 - Dave Filsinger, CO
Section 8 - Mary Svenvold, MT


Luke Zyla, WV
William Cannon, Sr., MS
Dr. Myron Welch, IA
Dennis Carlson, SD
William Tormondsen, MN
Gene Torrens, NE
Ernest Woodruff, MO
Brenda Wagner, OK
Michael Croom, AR
Larry Kingsley, TX
John Sanks, NM
Kenneth Singleton, CO
James Muhlestein, UT
Dr. Thomas Cook, MT
Mary Lou Boderman, OR
Raydell Bradley, WA
Chuck Brumbaugh, WY



To view the NFHS News article about the 2003-2004 award recipients, please click here.

NFHS Citation - Gilbert Lettow, Iowa



Section 2 - Benjamin Podolski, WV
Section 3 - Brian Gillentine, MS
Section 4 - Bruce Norris, IA
Section 5 - Sandy Cordes, MO
Section 6 - Michael Lowery, OK
Section 7 - George Welch, UT
Section 8 - Renee Westlake, MT


Mel Saunders, WV
John Fitchuk, IL
Jack Pierson, MI
Dean Dahlke, NE
Bruce Phelps, MN
Charles Canaan, SD
Gayle McMillen, KS
Dave Filsinger, CO
Dennis Burton, AR
Larry Gookin, WA
Mary Svenvold, MT
Richard Elliott, OR
Ariel Downing, WY


To view the NFHS News article about the 2002-2003 award recipients, please click here .

NFHS Citation - Dennis Hegg, South Dakota




Section 5 - Alan Stanga, SD
Section 6 - Tom Street, AR
Section 8 - Vicki White-Miltun, WA

Benjamin Podolski, WV
Terry Drew Ingram, MS
Robert Boyd, IL
Dr. Aimee Beckmann-Collier, IA
Bryan Johnson, NE
Joe Alme, ND
Sharon Darland, CO
Travis Beard, AR
Ron Staton, OK
Dale Roller, TX
Henry James Estrada, NM
S. Gordon Jessop, UT
Renee Westlake, MT
Douglas Anderson, OR
Sandy Steele, WY
Ron Jones, WA

To view the NFHS News article about the 2001-2002 award recipients, please click here.

NFHS Citation - LeAnna Willmore, Utah



Section 3 - James Hawkins, MS
Section 4 - Gilbert Lettow, IA
Section 5 - Dennis Hegg, SD
Section 6 - Dan Larson, OK
Section 8 - Dennis Granlie, MT

Emil Kopcha, CT
Harold Sacco, WV
Denise Rowan, MS
Victor Bianchetta, IL
Kelly Dame, MO
Ken Forsyth, KS
Frank Montera, CO
Tom Street, AR
Stephen Richins, UT
Wendy Gray, WY
Vicki White-Miltun, WA
Michael More, AK

NFHS Citation - John Clinton, Oklahoma

Section 1 - Scott Shuler, CT
Section 3 - Kathleen Sanz, FL
Section 4 - Dennis Darling, IA
Section 5 - John Schuerer, Jr., MO
Section 6 - Randy Hurst, OK
Section 8 - Donald Hildie, AK

Henry Schraub, TX
James Hawkins, MS
James Stevens, IL
John Colson, SD
Patricia Ann Ellison, AR
Joseph Brice, CO
Marjorie Malone, OK
Robert Campbell, UT
Clara Negie, WV
Dave Bellis, WY

NFHS Citation - Janis Dawson, Oklahoma


Section 1 - Haig Shahverdian, CT
Section 3 - Donna W. McCommon, MS
Section 4 - Jack Oatts, IA
Section 5 - Bill Grace, MO
Section 6 - John Clinton, OK
Section 7 - LeAnna Willmore, UT
Section 8 - Peggy Burrough, WA


Mark Hardman, WV
John McArthur, MS
Roy Dahlinger, WY
Brett Neal Gibbs, IL
Lonn Sweet, SD
James Shollenberger, MO
Randy Hurst, OK
Neil Swapp, NM
Barbara Perkins, TX
Richard Dalzell, OR

NFHS Citation - Don Corbett, Kansas


Section 1 - Steffen Parker, VT
Section 2 - Wayne Smith, WV
Section 3 - Webster Rowan, MS
Section 4 - Vince Cosmano, IL
Section 5 - Harold Krueger, SD
Section 6 - Barbara Eads, TX
Section 8 - Dave Becker, OR
Willard Minton, CT
Donna McCommon, MS
Joseph Christensen, IA
Bill Grace, MO
John Clinton, OK
Steve McNeal, CO
John Sanks, NM
Cynthia Barnard, WY
Henry Hedberg, AK
Dan Jackson, WA


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