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NFHS Responds to Death of Myles Brand


Contact: Bruce Howard 

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (September 17, 2009) — Statement from Robert F. Kanaby, executive director of the National Federation of State High School Associations, on the death of NCAA President Myles Brand: 

“The NFHS office staff, Board of Directors and member state associations express their deepest regrets on the passing of Myles Brand. Our condolences go out to the NCAA staff, its member institutions as well as Dr. Brand’s family. 

“In addition to his tremendous achievements with regard to academic reform at the college level, Dr. Brand had great support for the values of education-based athletic and fine arts activities in our nation’s high schools. He was a tremendous supporter of our efforts to emphasize that participation in high school activity programs helps prepare young people for life.  

“We are appreciative of Dr. Brand’s willingness to speak to our membership at several national conferences. His openness to our agendas during the past six years has drawn the NCAA and NFHS closer together than at any time in the history of the two organizations.” 

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