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NFHS Rules Publications


RULES BOOKS which are published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) contain the official rules for high school sports. These books are designed to explain all aspects of the game. They are used by coaches, officials, players and many fans who wish to know more about the rules of the game.

CASE BOOKS are published separately in baseball, basketball, football, softball, and track and field and are a supplement to the rules books. These books contain actual play situations.

OFFICIALS MANUALS have been developed in baseball, basketball, football, softball, and track and field. These manuals are directed specifically to those who wish to enter the field of officiating or to those who wish to improve their competence.

CASE BOOKS AND MANUALS are published as a combination book of the case book and officials manual. They are printed for the sports of volleyball and wrestling.

SPORTS HANDBOOKS in basketball and football have been developed for use by players, coaches, officials and others interested in the game. They include brief histories of the games, procedures followed in developing the rules and emphasizing the philosophy of the rules committees. The football handbook also includes the rules for flag football and touch football.

RULES SIMPLIFIED AND ILLUSTRATED for basketball and football are published annually. These books make use of cartoons and diagrams to clearly explain situations which might otherwise be difficult to comprehend.


NFHS Rules Publications
Availability Dates

The various sports books are printed throughout the year and their approximate availability dates for the publications are listed below:

Baseball January
Basketball September
Boys Lacrosse November
Field Hockey April
Football July
Girls Gymnastics July
Boys Gymnastics August
Ice Hockey September
Soccer May
Spirit June
Softball January
Swimming, Diving & Water Polo August
Track and Field & Cross Country January
Volleyball May
Wrestling September


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