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Mission Statement

The National Federation of State High School Associations serves its members, related professional organizations and students by providing leadership for the administration of education-based interscholastic activities, which support academic achievement, good citizenship and equitable opportunities.

We believe:

  • the NFHS is the recognized national authority on interscholastic activity programs.
  • interscholastic activity programs enrich each student's educational experience.
  • participation in education-based activity programs promotes student academic achievement.
  • student participation in interscholastic activity programs is a privilege.
  • interscholastic participation develops good citizenship and healthy lifestyles.
  • interscholastic activity programs foster involvement of a diverse population.
  • interscholastic activity programs promote positive school/community relations.
  • the NFHS is the pre-eminent authority on competition rules for interscholastic activity programs.
  • national competition rules promote fair play and minimize risks for student participants.
  • cooperation among state associations advances their individual and collective well-being.
  • properly trained administrators/coaches/directors promote the educational mission of the interscholastic experience.
  • properly trained officials/judges enhance interscholastic competition. 
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