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2009 National Athletic Directors Conference Workshop Presentations

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Workshop Presentations


1 Cooperative Facility Projects with Local Parks and Recreation Dept. 
 2 Helping the AD and Coach Avoid Liability Issues  
 3 College Recruiting Simplified  
 4 Athletics and Activities: Administrative Consistency  
 5 What Great Athletic Directors Do Differently  
 6 Make Your Web Site Work for You  
 7 Conflict Resolution Strategies  
 8 Making budget cuts While Staying in compliance with Title IX  
 9 Sportsmanship Success Stories - Ideas That Work  
 10 How to Work 24-7 and Still Maintain a Life  
11 Event Management Strategies to Minimize risk 
 12 Pre-Season Meetings - Essential for Success  
 13 The Climate of Character in Interscholastic sports  
 14 Inappropriate Communication through the Internet, Text Messaging and Facebook  
15 Using Technology to Develop a Paperless Athletic department 
 16 Learning to Delegate - How to Let it Go!  
 17 Reviving School Spirit  
 18 Communicating with Challenging People in Your community  
 19 Legal Liabilities of Releasing/Reassigning Coaches  
20 How to Make the Best Use of Limited Facility space 
 21 Character Counts - "Pursuing Victory With Honor"  
 22 AD Panel Discussion: How Has the Economy Impacted Your budget?  
 23 Essentials of Developing a Strength and Conditioning Program  
24 Academic Student Leadership Council for Student-Athletes 
 25 Expectations of Coaches, Parents, Fans and Administrators  
 26 The Long-Term Effects of Concussion  
 27 Legal Liabilities of Improvement Plans for Struggling Coaches  
 28 Using Technology and Social Networks to Promote the Athletic Program  
Marketing: Adding Buck$ to Your Budget 
29 CAA/CMAA Certification 
 30 Communicating Coaching expectations and Outcomes  
 31 Developing Interscholastic Marketing Strategies and Revenue Streams  
 32 Activities/Athletic Director - Coordinating Your Calendar  
33 Breaking News: A Discussion of Current Legal Issues 
 34 Athletic Handbook Do's and Don'ts  
 35 Emergency Response to Cardiac Conditions  


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