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NFHS Extemporaneous Speaking Topics

These topics are provided as a service to state association offices and are not posted on the Web site until the month after which they were written. This is due to the fact that many states utilize these topics for their state tournaments. If you have any questions please contact us. Thanks.


If you want more resources for Extemp or more example topics, please check out the Texas University Interscholastic League's Academic Web page for Extemporaneous Speaking.

February 2014 Extemp Topics

January 2014 Extemp Topics

December 2013 Extemp Topics

 November 2013 Extemp Topics 

 October 2013 Extemp Topics 

May 2013 Extemp Topics 

April 2013 Extemp Topics 

March 2013 Extemp Topics 

February 2013 Extemp Topics 

January 2013 Extemp Topics 

December 2012 Extemp Topics  

November 2012 Extemp Topics  

October 2012 Extemp Topics 











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