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Volume 27, #1 

A Practical Way to Integrate Composition into the Performance-Based Classroom By Jonathan Kurtz 

Setting Goals for a Successful School Year By Nicole A. Chapman 

A Music Educator’s Guide to Applying Ideas In Stress Management, Physical Activity, and Nutrition During the First Year of Teaching. By Sarah Farmer-Ashcraft 

Helpful Hints By Jack W. WhiteArt Form or Core Subject? By Judy Bush 

Pocket Camcorders for Music Education By William R. Higgins 

What Not to Wear By Trey Reely 

Why Arts Education Matters By Stephanie Perrin 


Volume 26, #2 

The Care and Feeding of Music Educators By Sherryl Cazier 

So You Blow Air Through a Tube? Teaching Brass Instruments for Success By Leon Bradley 

What if the Hokey Pokey Really is What It’s All About? By Judy Bush 

Beginning Band: Recruiting and Teaching Techniques By Patti Bekkerus 

The Asymmetrical Music Education Community By Dale Misenhelter 

Research Resource: Music Educator Perceptions of the National Standards By Dr. Patricia Riley 

My First Few Weeks as a First Year Music Teacher By Steve Collins 

Pocket-sized Digital Audio Recorders for Music Education By William R. Higgins, D. Ed. 


Volume 26, #1 

Five Ways to Be A Middle School Music Magnet By Dr. Jill Hobby 

Unraveling The String Mystery By Burke Sorenson 

Reading on Keyboard Percussion: Establishing Strong Fundamentals By John Willmarth 

Fine Arts: The Key to Developing the Learner’s Soul By Gary Beauchamp 

Good Foundations for Successful Festival Performance By Joseph Parisi 

Share The Wealth! By Beth Mazanec 

Kissing and Craftsmanship By Jim Rice 

Percussion Instrument Maintenance – Protecting Your Investment! – Part II By Mario A. Gaetano 


Volume 25, #2 

You Want Us To Write? But This Is a Music Class! By Kathy Schemine 

Beyond Survival: Why Settle For “Half a Singer"? By John Armstrong 

Recovering From Vacation: Tips For Second-Year (And Beyond) Clarinetists By Nicholas Morrison 

“Smart” Advocacy By Jennifer Wetzel 

Musical Merit – Is it an Issue You Ponder? By Jim Hansford, PhD 

Ideas for New Orchestra Teachers By Elizabeth Johnston 

Let ‘Em Play By Ronald E. Kearns 

Importance of Advocacy By Randy Rumpf 

One Approach to Class Guitar By Collins Loupe 


Volume 25, #1 

The Music Educators Podcasting QuickStart Guide By James Frankel 

Improving Your Percussion Section’s Performance. It is as Easy as Cymbals, Triangle and Tambourine. By David E. Knott 

Lessons I Have Learned Through Teaching By Robert J. Ward 

Clarinet Fundamentals: The Key to the Improvement of the Clarinet Section By Dr. Kristin Pisano 

Paths to Musical Success for Autistic Students By Toni Skelton 

The Importance of Melodic Playing in Jazz By Ron Kearns 

A Primary Mission for Secondary General Music By Kimberly Burns Inks 

Why Administration? By Thomas N. Gellert 


Volume, 24, #2 

The Music Student With Dyslexia By William R. Pearce 

Foreign Language Text Translations-Poetic And Word By Word By Randel Wagner 

Here Are A Few Thoughts And Ideas About How To Build A Program From The Bottom Up By Jeff Pottinger 

The Circle Of Fifths By Harry Miedema 

A Music Educator’s Basic Resource Shelf By Kenneth Kleszynski 

Playing Keyboard Percussion By John Rack 

Choose To G.I.V.E. By Linda Huck 

A Director’s Best Friend: The Choral Accompanist By Cynthia Bayt Bradford 

For The New Band Director: Building Your Foundation By R. Tad Greig 


Volume 24, #1 

Assessment in Music Education: How Can Technology Help? By Neal Smith 

Approaching the Clarinet: Angle and Embouchure 

Fundamentals of Good Clarinet Tone Production by Michael Walsh 

“Check” your Intonation by Thomas Wine 

My Top Ten Concert Band Tips by Earle Dickinson 

Creating a New Colleague With Practicums and Student Teachers by Bradford Meyerdierks in cooperation with Katrina Davilis 

Preparing High School Students for College Vocal Auditions by Dr. Diana Livingston Friedley 

I Need A Change by Chelle Leyva 


Volume 23, # 2 

Don’t Forget Your Percussionists! Tips for Getting the Most from Your Percussion Section by Dr. James Popejoy 

Signs That Summer is on the Way by Cynthia Bayt Bradford 

Elementary Concerts: Informing While Performing by Fred P. Spano, PhD 

“Motivation” by Jo Ann Miller 

The Benefits of Adjudication (There Are Many)By Dan Wing 

Quit dropping the jaw! by Steve Perry 

String Warm-Ups for Good Intonation by Wade Wiggins 

Sharing the Process: An Informance by Rebecca Winnie 

Historical Perspective on “The Star Spangled Banner” by Lance Nielsen 


Volume 23, # 1 

Advocacy 101 by Roberta Volkman 

Electroshock and the Developing Choir by Alan Scott 

Student Composers: How to Grow and Sustain Them by Daniel Dyer 

Getting Beyond What Works: A Perspective on Choral Literature by Al Holcomb 

Assessment for String Classes by Steve Patton 

What Have You Done for me Lately? by Christine Lapka 

Change That Attitude!: Research Findings Suggest Ways to Influence Middle School Students’ Attitudes about Music by Scott Phillips 

Less Talk, More Action? by Jamie Hicks 


Volume 22, #2 

The View from the Eye of the Perfect Storm By Robert B. Morrison 

Commands vs Tools By Sharon Radinoff, PhD 

From Research to Practice: A Proposed Taxonomy of Music Reading Skill and its Instructional Implications By Dneya Udtaisuk 

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Teaching By Dr. Neal Schnoor 

Jazz Theory 101 By Harry Miedema 

Preparing Singers to Audition for College By Judith Nicosia 

Senior Adults: A Whole New Population of Music Students Just Waiting for Their Teachers! By Linda A. Hartley 

Adjudication Horror Stories By Dr. David Fullmer 

Core Content: Choral Tone By Dr. Bradley Almquist 


Volume 22, #1 

How To Promote Your Music Program Or Six Easy Steps To Advocacy by Joyce Patch 

Coming To Terms With Assessment In The Choral Rehearsal by Dr. Al Holcomb

Technique – Why Bother by Gerry Bouma 

Smooth Transitions by Jim Rice And Leslie Moffat 

Improve Your Clarinet Section 100% by John Masserini

What Is Good Teaching? By Lissa May 

Auditions: Making The Most Of An Opportunity by James Popejoy 

Comprehensive Considerations In Teaching Music In Small Schools by Jonathan M. Muro 

Volume 21, #2

A Web of Resources for Addressing The National Music Standards by William Bauer 

Don’t Just Sing It, S - C - H - E - M - E It! by Dr. Robert Jones 

Dost Thou Love Life? by Dusty Molyneaux 

A Pink Slip Emergency by David Madara 

Producing a Great Saxophone Tone by Scott Turpen

Research-Based Legislation Regarding Teacher Preparation? by Dr. Neal Schnoor 

An Authentic Example of Life-Long Learning by Colleen Loewen and Penny Lefavour 

Recruiting and Maintaining Trombone Players for Your Beginning Band Program by Dr. Steven Sudduth 

Volume 21, #1

Stop Cussing the Mule and Load the Wagon by Marilyn Godby 

Keeping First Things First by William Hall 

Reaching at-risk adolescents by Robert H. Woody 

Routines: Establishing and Breaking Them with Purpose by Alan Rieck 

Preparing the Rest of the Concert by Brad Townsend 

A Fable for Our Time: Part II by Mel Pontius 

How Can I Sound Like I'm Playing Jazz? by Harry Miedema 

Raging Range by Kelly Dehnert 

Establishing Patterns of Excellence by Kristin Turner 

A Career in Music: Preparing Students for the Dream (Or Reality!) by Lissa May 

Volume 20, # 2

How Is Your Float, Flick, Dab And Punch? Using Laban Principles of Dance Movement to Improve Nonverbal Conducting Technique by Timothy Yontz 

Today's Status of Educational Reform by Aurelia Hartenberger 

Is Martha Graham A New Type Of Snack Cracker? by Joan Reist 

Accompanying a Vocalist by Leesa Levy 

A Career in Music: Preparing Students for The Dream (Or Reality!) By Lissa May 

A Fable for Our Time by Mel Pontius 

Brass Clinic by William Cole 

Boldly Going Where No Band Director Has Gone Before by Chris Gleason 

Weighted Grades – A Plus or Minus for Music Students? by Glenn E. Nierman 

Judging the Judges: Improving Rater Reliability At Music Contests by David Conrad 


Volume 20, #1

Assessment and the Solo/Ensemble Festival by Leon Kuehner 

Williamsville’s Innovative Commissioning Consortium by Gary Stith 

Jazz Improvisation: Success Leads to a Healthy Attitude by Marc Jimos 

Wizard of the Blahs by Dean Peterson 

Techniques for Rehearsal and Life by Edith A. Copley 

Connecting Music to Other School Subjects by David Madara 

Making the Connection by John Carmichael, Ph.D. 

iResearch: Music Education Inquiry for the 21st Century by Dr. William I. Bauer 


Volume 19, #2

Practical Tips for Band Directors from a Veteran Contest Adjudicator by Donald DeRoche, Ph.D. 

The Emperor's New Clothes or Is There Music in the Air? by James Perry 

Common Bass Problems in Jazz Ensemble by Kate McKeage 

Tell Them about It by Stephen E. McGrew 

The Meaning of National Standards: Are We Ready for the Consequences? by Dr. Richard Colwell 

Success with Grading by Mel Pontious 

How Can You Be Burned Out if You Have Never Been on Fire? by Dr. Kenneth R. Raessler 

Improving Conducting Skills by John Falskow 

Ideas for a Successful Beginning Band Program by Janet Evans 

Volume 19, #1

Last Chair Third Cornet by Don Corbett

Getting the Most from Your Administrators by Mark Lane 

Learning to Play in Tune by Dr. Wayne Goins 

Lamentations by Don Clausen  

Reading by Ear: Some Instructional Implications by Douglas Bartholomew 

Learning How to Say Something: The Jazz Solo as a Work in Progress by Dr. Ed Flanagan  

Digital Technologies in the Music Classroom by Peter McCoy  

Improve Your Band Program by Using Research by Dennis J. Hayslett, Ph.D. 

Is Directing a Band a Health Hazard? by Rich Tengowski  

Comprehensive Musicianship Students Can Assess by Leyla Sanyer 


Volume 18, #2

Tell the Truth! Create a Disturbance! Make a Difference! by Fred Ritter 

What Motivates? by Greg Allison 

Where are the Teachers? by Chip Schooler 

Preparing Your Jazz Groups for the Festival Performance by Lee Shook 

Hearing What We See by Douglas Bartholomew 

Teaching Good Practice Habits to Beginning String Players by Lyn Ritz 

Home Practice Online! by Dr. Scott Watson 

Music: A Skill for Life by Betty Ellis 

Are You in Danger? Voice Problems Plague Educators y Michael Ross 

Educational Leadership by Pat Deaville 


Volume 18, # 1

Excerpt from Remarks by Bill Ivey 

The Iowa Bandmaster Association Mentoring Program by John Aboud  

Ma, We Got a II at Contest by Peter LaRue 

Reading by Ear by Douglas Bartholomew 

Housewright Declaration Courtesy of MENC 

Music Education Evangelism by Dr. Dwayne Dunn 

Do Your Students Understand Your Conducting Gestures? by R. Shayne Cofer 

Technology 2001 by Mike Klinger 


Volume 17, #2 

Creating Winners: It’s All in Your Attitude . . .and Theirs by Tim Lautzenheiser 

Developing the Marching Band Sound by Frank Hale  

The Choral Conductor and the Holy Grail: The Continuing Search for Quality Literature by Leslie Guelker-Cone 

Bennett Reimer and Aesthetic Education by Douglas Bartholomew 

Understanding School Budgets by Karl Bruhn  

Equally Important in an Interview Are the Questions You Ask by Ted Christensen 

Crisis Management by Dean Peterson  

It Takes a Whole Village: Music and Florida Writes! By Linda Tracy 


Volume 17, #1 

The Purpose and Effect of Music Festivals: Reflecting on Gilmore’s Peace Jubilees by Dr. Richard Dowell 

It’s Festival Time! How to Help Keep Your Sanity When Preparing for Festivals by Louise Victor 

Vocal Integrity by Dr. Richard Zielinski 

Music: A Life-Long Experience by What Measure Success? by Dr. John Carmichael 

Applying the National Standards in School Band Programs by Dr. Dennis Hayslett  

You Should Hear What You’re Missing:  What Happens to Your Hearing? by Alan Keaton, M.D. 

Teaching Music in the Ensemble Rehearsal through Multiple Intelligence by Dr. William Bauer 

“The Eyes Have It” – Nonverbal Communication Skills for the Podium by Dr. Mary Carlson 

How to Motivate Students to Excellence Under the Stress of Academic Requirements by Dave Willson and Bill Dejournett  


Volume 16, #2 

Sousa’s Secret Formula by Thomas J. Trimborn 

The Perils of Directing a Small Band: A New Paradigm by Phillip C. Wise 

Adjudicator Training by Everett Johnson  

The Value of Music by Tim Lautzenheiser 

Can Portfolios Be Practical for Performance? by Glenn Nierman 

Tips for Building and Maintaining Relationships with Legislative Bodies by Jeanne Moore 

Only One Person Is Responsible, and That Is You by Terry Lack 

Controversial Music Styles by Susan Gardstrom 

Protecting and Preserving the Singer’s Voice by Sally McKee 

The Power of Positive Teaching by David Willson & Bill DeJournett 


Volume 16, #1 

Choral Performance Evaluation:  Adjudication & Competition by Christine Sezer  

Make Your Year the Most Successful One Yet! By Brian Anderson 

Silver-Tongued Single Reeds By John C. Carmichael, Ph.D. 

Are You “Teaching Your Choir How to Fish?” By Dr. Donald Bailey 

Comments from an Adjudicator: Tips for Achieving a Balanced Jazz Ensemble By Frank Mazzeo 

Photocopying and Copyright:  It's All About Respect By Jay Althouse 

Music Education is Basic Education from NAMM® – International Music Products Association® 

Music IS a Core Subject By John W. Taylor 

Music Gives Me Nightmares! by Dorothy Fanning 


Volume 15, #2 

A Strategic Plan for the Future:  A Goals Statement by Timothy Schaid  

Four Basic Components of Better Bands:  “Reflections of an Adjudicator” by Richard Clary 

Year-Round Music:  A Pattern for Success by Edward Trimis 

Sinfonietta by Sandi Mohler 

Integrating Computer Technology by Dr. Darlene Fett 

Can We Get America Singing Again? by Douglas Bartholomew 

Lessons Learned from Mr. Holland by Jeffrey Kimpton 

A Director’s Guide to High School Horns by Dr. Colleen Conway  

Warning:  Teaching Can Be Hazardous To Your Vocal Health! by Dr. Sharon L. Radionoff  

Music Education in Public Schools by Joseph P. Batory 


Volume 15, #1 

Why Students Need the Arts by Barbara Newman  

Making the National Standards Work for You by Dr. Paul R. Lehman 

A Perspective for the New Teacher by Eric Baker 

Enhancing the Educational Aspects of Music Contests by Robert Hetler 

The Impact of Block Scheduling on High School Programs - Wisconsin School Musician 

A Block Scheduling Question and Response, by Brian P. Vanderbloemen 

Performance Rehearsals:  A Statement of Beliefs, by Christine Leichtnam 

Reading People Instead of Notes, by Patricia O’Toole and Allen Farmelo 

Multimedia in the Music Classroom, by Dr. David Sebald 


Volume 14, #1 

Dilemmas Facing Music Educators by Dr. Charles Leonhard 

Technology and the National Standards by Dr. Thomas Rudolph 

Preparing Students for Adjudication by James Tipps  

Equity: An issue For All of Us by Brigetta Ledvina 

Improving Score Study Skills: A Means to Focus On Content by John C. Carmichael 

Intensive/ Block Scheduling in Music by William J. Naydan 

Tips on Vocal Health by Peggy Leonardi 

Teaching Dynamics to the Jazz Percussionist by David L. Cole 

Developing Good Intonation by Alan LaFave 

Helping Your Student Teachers to be Successful by JoDee Marshall 

7 Habits of Effective Music Teachers by John Miller 


Volume 13 

Fatigue in the Classroom: Students Need to Give Input by Mark Aamot 

Beginning String Students : An Adventure Worth Pursuing! by Susan Basalik 

Block Scheduling: Heaven or Hell? by Jo Caldwell and Bruce Caldwell 

A Time To Reevaluate and Facilitate by Dave Mueller 

Future Tense? by Kari Veblen  

The Dreaded “D” Word by Thomas N. Gellert 

The Choral Concert of the Century by Carl Lipke  


Volume 12, #2 

Twelve Habits of Highly Effective Music Educators by Michael Nuss 

Sing, Play and Stay Well by Gerald Kember 

Copyright or Copywrong: The Final Word on Photocopying and the Music Educator? by Ted Hadley 

The Importance of “Netting” in Music Education by Dr. Larry Schou 

Nine Life Lessons for a Successful Contest Experience by Kirk Smith  

The Percussionist as Musician by Rich Holly 

Music- Helping Students Reach Their Potential by Bill Larson  

Do your Double Bassists Perform Solo …or Just So Low? by Phil Peters 

Programming for the School Ensemble by Chris Wilhjelm 

A Common Sense Approach to World Music’s by Carols X. Rodriguez 


Volume 12, #1 

Teaching Life Via Music by Tim Lautzenheiser 

Do I Dare? Commissioning a New Work by Timothy Mahr 

Encouraging Real Ensemble: Program Building Part II by Rebecca R. Winnie 

So What Are You Going To Do About It? by Ed Roberts 

The School Big-Band Jazz Ensemble and Cooperative Learning by Glenn L. Hosterman 

Research Winning or Losing: Does Competition Hinder Music Learning? by Don Nagle 

ReHEARsing the Band by John Taylor 

So, Your Getting a Student Teacher- Now What? by Linda A. Hartley 

Preparing the Band for Adjudication by Shirlee Whitcomb  

Effective Classroom Management by James Cox 

Judging With a Tape Recorder by Lance Haas 

Developing a Student- Centered Philosophy by Charles J. Smith, Sr. 


Volume 11, #2 

A Judge’s Philosophy of Music Contests by James Croonquist 

Redefining the Value of Competition by Chris Knighten 

Encouraging Real Ensemble: Program Building Part I by Rebecca R. Winnie 

Relax, Resist, Resolve, Rejoice, Renew and Recycle by Ed Roberts 

Education Research: Practical Implications for the Rehearsal by Patrick K. Freer 

Music Prepares the Total Person by Marion Lipinski  

Recapitulation: “ Effective Bodily Communication” by Gregory K. Lyne 

Cooperative Learning in Band by Murray Lawrance  

Want the Boys in Your Middle - School Choir? Use a Competitive Challenge System to Motivate and Teach by Stanley A. Carlson 

Commitment by Nancy E. Ditmer 


Volume 11, #1 

You Make the Call by Tim Lautzenheiser 

Music Educators ARE and HAVE BEEN Effective Teachers by Sally J. Childs 

An Interview With Weston Nobel: Part II by Dennis Shrock 

Sensitize Your Ensemble by Nick Keelan 

Learining to Cope with Performance: Stress Reduction is a Key Factor by Sally Bohls  

Activity Participants Get Better Grades (and much more) by Daniel VanderArk 

Making Every Minute of Every Rehearsal Count by Gary S. Grant 

Looking Back to the Future by David Rice 


Volume 10, #2 

An Interview With Weston Noble: Part I by Dennis Shrock 

In Defense of Music Education by Cheryl Floyd 

Band Arrangements and Copyright- Read This! by John W. Stout 

How to Recruit and Retain Horn Players by Lisa Bontrager 

The Missing Grade: I Got an “E’ by Sandra Starr  

Teaching From the Podium by William F. Schlacks 

Choir Expectations by Don Christensen 


Volume 10, #1 

How Can We Help Save Music In The Public Schools? by W. J. Julian 

The Arts And Changing Times by Donald Hunsberger 

A New Look At An Old Idea by David Mueller 

Education Of The Singer by George Bragg 

Eighteen Ways To Motivate Your Choir by Karen Isaacson  

An Interview With Helmuth Rilling by Gordon Paine, Royce Saltzman and Dennis Schrock 

Innovation At Wisconsin’s Annual Marching Band Festival by David Heilman 


Volume 9, #2 

The Band, Choir and Orchestra: Music Education In Action Preparing Students for Life by Victor A. Markovich 

Making Things Work: Tips for A Successful Career in Music Education by Shirley Strohm Mullins  

Beyond Your Music Classroom: The Teacher’s Role is Crucial by Robert W. Surplus  

The Difference Is In The Programming by Barbara Brinson  

Is Our Culture At Risk? by Michael Greene 

The Benefits of Choral Competition by J. David Faber 

Some Thoughts on Musicianship in the Marching Band by Gregory C. Clemons 

The Beneficiaries if Adjudication: Student and Adjudicator by Richard Floyd 


Volume 9, #1 

The Winds of Change by Linda Mercer  

To April With Love by Dr. E. Richard Shoup 

Music Competition: An Oxymoron! by Maud Hickey 

Adjudication = Inspiration by Richard Floyd 

Where Do Your Values Lie? by Dr. Robert Campbell 

An Interview With Margaret Hillis on Score Study by Dennis Shrock 

Ten Basic Criteria to Consider- Selecting Concert Band Music of Quality by Acton Ostling, Jr. 

How Can We Help Save Music In Our Public Schools ? by Richard E. Strange 


Volume 8, #2 

Here Comes the Judge: Solo String Adjudication by Russel Reed  

“I’m Hungry” - Music to the Teachers’ Ears by James Cox  

Sight- Reading: Is It a Lost Art? by Paula A. Crider 

From An Adjudicators Chair by Terry Grove 

Selecting a Guest Conductor by Timothy Topolevski 

Music and Competition: Establishing Appropriate Goals and Boosting Self- Esteem by Lynne W. Thibodeaux 

 The Competition: Why? by Anne M. Sears 

Do We Need Our Instruments Today? Reasons for Taking a Sabbatical - Now! by Kurt Hargleroad  

The Vision: A Question of Sanity? by Howard Meharg 

Beyond Competition by Ruth Whitlock 


Volume 8, #1 

Scheduling Conflicts Are Decimating Programs by Robert Gifford 

A Rationale for the Arts (Music, Visual, Dance, and Theatre Arts) by Mary Zies 

Meanderings: Some Thoughts About the Future of Instrumental Music Education by Roger Rideout 

Unwarranted Optimism About the Future by Guy Blair 

The Rated Festival as an Education Experience by Dean M. Estabrook 

Student Evaluation: Do Choral Directors Make the Grade? by Claire Wehr McCoy 

The Marching Band and Competitions: A Review of the Literature by Gene Bechen 


Volume 7, #3 

An Interview with Paul Salamunovich on Aspects of Communication by Dennis Shrock 

Winners in the 6th Place by Bentley Shellahamer, James Swearingen and Jon Woods 

Improving Sight- Reading Skills by George Wolfe  

Making An Audition Tape by John Vanore 

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) A Kind of Code by Joan Wall 

Administrative Support and the Music Program by Alwilda C. Smith 

What Music Educators and Families Should Know About International Travel, Foreign Student Exchanges, and Concert Touring by John M.  Vaida 

 How Do You Spell Success? by Mary von Liski 

 William Revelli: America’s Bandmaster by Juliana E. Bryarly 


Volume 7, #2 

Music Adjudication for the 21st Century by Nelson G. Patrick 

An Analysis of Two Marching Band Competitions by Edward P. Asmus 

 Everyday in Everyway by David Willson 

Assessing the “Big Picture” by Glenn E. Nierman 

Background to the Position Statement of the American Bandmasters Association by Ray T. Devilbiss 

Awake, Awake, O Ye Diaphragm by Don Christensen 

The Music Performance Ensemble: Will it Flourish Or Flounder? by Ronald J. Toering  


Volume 7 #1 

If You Don’t Train Your Judges, You Should! by Everett Johnson 

On Competition by William May 

 The A B Cs of Choral Rehearsal Structure by James Cox 

How Do We Get These Kids Excited About Music? by Harry E. Price 

Writing Constructive Comments: Vocal Contests by William K. Guegold 

Research in Instrumental Music Education by Betty W. Atterbury  

Tips for Sight- Reading Success by John Grashel 


Volume 6, #1 

The Essence of Educational Competition by Richard Floyd 

Sight Reading for Choirs by Ray Vermilya 

Becoming a Great Rehearsal Conductor by William Prescott 

A Brief Guide for a Successful Vocal Solo Contest Performance by Jerry Ulrich 

The Solo/ Ensemble Festival: Is It a Neglected Aspect of the Program? by John West 

The Art Belong - An Editorial by Dorothy McDonald 

Sousa March Interpretation by John Bourgeois 


Volume 5, #1 

Have a Festival High by John B. Haberlen 

Personal Thoughts on the Current State of Music Education by William L. Waggoner 

The Relevancy of Mason’s Principles in the 1980’s by Edward McQuade 

Behind the Rating! by R. Paul Drummond 

Concepts About Jazz Criticism by David L. Oakley 

Literature of Medium Difficulty for the High School Band by Robert Cameron 

Sight-Reading Instruction in the Choral Rehearsal by Rose D. Daniels 


Volume 4, #1 

Make Your Vision Become A Reality by Eric C. Metz 

Book Review: Can We Rescue The Arts For America’s Children? by Ed Cleino 

Adjudication- A Way To Improve Your Music Program by Darhyl Ramsey 

Adjudicator/Director Relationship by Gary Corcoran 

Point: A Music Director’s Philosophy Of Contests by Cliff Grubb  

Counterpoint: Contests or Clinics: Freshness or Fallacy? by Revenna Eikenberry  

The Assessment Of Music Performance Skills for Student  Membership To The Maryland All State Chorus: A Solution To A Difficult Problem by T. Clark Saunders 

Quality Repertoire: The Essence Of An Exemplary Music Program by Richard Floyd 

Sightreading Contest for Choirs- Is it Time? by John Matheny 



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