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Adjudication Video Package Available

The NFHS is pleased to announce that the "NFHS Music Adjudicator Training Package," is available.

The long-term success and educational value of any music content or festival depends on the quality and integrity of the adjudicators, and this package is designed to be used in adjudication training and/or certification clinics. The package includes a video tape with music educators from across the country addressing different elements crucial to high quality, consistent and educational adjudication. The accompanying CD ROM contains a manual for the clinic moderator, a transcript of the video, and numerous print materials that may be duplicated to reinforce the concepts addressed on the video. Recorded performances and music scores are NOT included, and must be selected and provided by the hosting association or organization.

The price for this package is $49.95 (plus shipping and handling).
Please place your order by calling 1-800-776-3462 or order online at
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