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Softball Rules Changes - 2015

1-6-1                The batting helmet shall not have a glare or mirror-like surface.

1-7-1                The catcher’s helmet shall not have a glare or mirror-like surface.


2015 NFHS Editorial Changes 

1-6-1                The exterior warning label may be affixed…or embossed (at the time of manufacture).

1-6-6                The phrase, “Meets NOCSAE Standard at the time of manufacture”… 

1-7-1                The catcher shall wear a catcher’s helmet…that meets the NOCSAE standard at the time of manufacture.

5-1-4                After a dead-ball situation, the ball becomes live when it is held by the pitcher on the pitcher's plate and the umpire calls and/or signals "Play Ball."

7-1-1&2 Pen 2: When an improper batter becomes a runner or is put out and the defensive team appeals to the umpire before the next pitch (legal or illegal), or prior to an intentional base on balls (S.P.), or before all infielders have left fair territory and the catcher vacates her normal fielding position if a half-inning is ending. The umpire shall declare the batter who should have batted out (not the improper batter). The improper batter's time at bat is negated and she is returned to the dugout/bench area. All outs stand and runners who were not declared out must return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. If a runner advances because of a stolen base, wild pitch, passed ball (F.P.) or an illegal pitch (F.P.) while the improper batter is at bat, such advance is legal. 


NOTE: If any situation arises which could lead to an appeal by the defense on the last play of the game, umpires should not leave the field until all infielders have left fair territory and the catcher has vacated her normal fielding position. If teams line up to shake hands there is little chance for an appeal even if the defensive infielders have not crossed the foul line and umpires can leave the game at this point. No appeal can be made once the umpires have left the field.


2015 NFHS Point of Emphasis 


1. Electronic Devices
2. Interference
3. Obstruction


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