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NFHS Swimming and Diving Comments on the Rules 2014-15



3-3-4                Lists items a competitor may wear/use as it makes the rule easier to use and assists in compliance. The change also prohibits the use of adhesives, such as sprays, as they become slick when wet and can interfere with performance of others.


3-6-1 thru 3    More clearly defines what is considered unsporting conduct, with a resulting

and 8-3-8b      penalty of no further participation up to ejection from the competition area, and what actions are considered unacceptable conduct with a resulting penalty of disqualification from that event. Delineates in Rule 8-3-8b when a relay lead-off time shall not be eligible for use as a qualification time or record. Spectators are also separated from athletes and coaches when dealing with unsporting/unacceptable conduct.


4-3-1 NOTE    It is inappropriate to use a pistol of any kind at a school swimming meet. Alternative sounding devices are readily available.


8-1-5                For risk minimization, swimmers should not step off the starting platform unnecessarily once stepped up, especially with the track-style starting platforms. Referees and starters should direct swimmers to step down only when unusual circumstances occur.


8-2-1e              Specifies in the backstroke event, the swimmer shall remain on or above the water surface on the finish. This can be accomplished with any body part and prevents premature submersion by a swimmer that could create an advantage.


9-2-1                For risk minimization and fairness to competitors for warm-up after a break, divers are permitted at least two practice approaches, with or without water entry, prior to diving competition.


9-2-2                As an OPTION, the finalists in the diving event in championship meets may be seeded by their semifinal score (lowest to highest) prior to the final three dives, and dive in that relative order for the finals. The method will add excitement to the meet and give a benefit to the highest-scoring semifinalist, by performing last.


9-7-2                The dives listed on the NFHS diving table are consistent with NCAA, USA Diving and FINA in regard to the degrees of difficulty. There are no technical reasons for the scoring scale to be different.

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