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NFHS Volleyball Comments on the Rules 2014-15



4-2-2e              Clarifies placement and size of a mascot and/or the school name being placed on the sleeve(s) of a solid-color uniform top. A school should be permitted to include its mascot on the uniform for team spirit, yet not disrupt the integrity and purpose of the solid-colored uniform top.


5-5-3b(1)         The second referee is in a good position on his/her side of the net to initiate a call for a ball out of bounds for antenna fault. Increases the fairness in this type of fault in this area of the court.


5-5-3b(12)       Addresses proper mechanics for ending a time-out and use of whistle by the second referee.


5-9-2a              Moving back and in line with the left sideline does not always give the line judge a clear view of the end line, especially during jump serves or when players move back a considerable distance from the end line. This positioning allows the line judge a clear view of any line violations for which he/she is responsible and he/she can efficiently move back into position following the contact of the ball for serve.

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