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2014-15 Soccer Rules Changes

3-3-2b(2): If the referee stops the clock for an apparent injury to a field player or goalkeeper, the field player or goalkeeper will have to leave the field. The field player may be replaced, and the goalkeeper must be replaced.

5-1-2: The jurisdiction of the officials shall begin on their arrival at the field of play and its immediate surroundings, which shall be no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the game. 

2014-15 Soccer Editorial Changes  

1.2.4 Situation: A referee inspecting the field prior to the game detects (a) center circle spot 9 inches in diameter; (b) an “X” intersecting the halfway line; (c) no mark other than the halfway line. RULING: (a) legal; (b) legal; (c) illegal.

3.3.2 Situation D-L: Former Situations 3.3.3 D-L changed to 3.3.2 D-L

 3.3.2 Situation E: Players A2 and B2 hit heads in attempting to head the ball and both are injured. In the opinion of the referee, player A2 exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion. RULING: Player A2 shall be immediately removed from the contest and shall not return to play until cleared by an appropriate health care professional.

4-1-1(a): Delete former 4-1-1(a) 

4-1-1(a): The home team shall wear solid white jerseys and solid white socks, and the visiting team shall wear dark jerseys and socks (dark is defined as any color which contrasts with white). Prior to and during the game, jerseys shall be tucked into the shorts, unless manufactured to be worn outside.

4-1-1(b): Both socks shall be the same color, with the home team wearing solid white socks and the visiting team wearing socks of a single dominant color, but not necessarily the color of the jersey. If tape or a similar material is applied externally to the socks, it must be of a similar color as that part of the sock to which it is applied.

4-1-1(h)1: All jerseys, including the goalkeeper, shall be numbered on the back with a different Arabic number at least 6 inches in height and on the front (jersey or shorts) with the same number, which shall be at least 4 inches in height. Numbers shall be of contrasting color to the jersey (or shorts) and clearly visible.

4.1.1 Situation C: Player A from the visiting team enters the game wearing (a) two different colored socks; (b) multi-striped socks, where one stripe is the dominant color (not white); (c) tie-dyed socks; (d) predominantly dark blue socks with the top quarter of the socks pale blue. RULING: (a) Illegal; (b) Legal; (c) Illegal; (d) Legal. Both socks shall be the same, single dominant color. Only the visiting team may wear socks a color other than white.

4.1.1 Situation D: Team A, the visiting team, arrives wearing striped jerseys that have large, light blue and thin white alternating stripes. Two members of Team A are wearing visible light red T-shirts beneath their jerseys. RULING: Legal. Striped jerseys are permissible for the visiting team as long as the dominant color is dark (dark is defined as any color which contrasts with white). Jerseys with equal-sized stripes that have both dark and white stripes do not have a dominant dark color and would be illegal. Also, shirts may be worn under the jersey as long as the shirts are the same color and of similar length.

4-2-7: A tooth and mouth protector (intraoral) which shall:

a. include an occlusal (protecting and separating the biting surfaces) portion;

b. include a labial (protecting the teeth and supporting structures) portion;

c. cover the posterior teeth with adequate thickness;

d. be made of any readily visible color; 

e. not be completely white; and

f. not be completely clear.

NOTE: It is recommended that the protector be properly fitted, protecting the anterior (leading) dental arch and:

1. constructed from a model made from an impression of the individual’s teeth, or

2. constructed and fitted to the individual by impressing the teeth into the tooth and mouth protector itself.

12-8-2(d): committing serious foul play:

1. any play in which the player commits one of the offenses punishable with a direct free kick (or penalty kick if the offense takes place by a defender in the penalty area) and uses disproportionate and unnecessary force against an opponent while playing for the ball.

2. a player (other than a goalkeeper within his/her own penalty area) deliberately handles the ball, attempting to prevent a goal and the goal is not scored;

3. a player commits a foul, attempting to deny an obvious goalscoring opportunity, and the goal is not scored.

14-1-3: The opposing goalkeeper shall stand on the goal line, facing the kicker, between the goal posts, until the ball is kicked. Lateral movement is allowed, but the goalkeeper is not permitted to come off the line by stepping or lunging forward until the ball is in play.

Sample Fourth Official Duties: Fourth Official Duties have been added to the NFHS Soccer Rules Book

Rules Comparison: The 2014-15 rules book contains an updated comparison of the major differences among NFHS and NCAA rules and FIFA laws.

NFHS Official Soccer Signals and Assistant Referee Signals: The 2014-15 rules book contains updated pictures for each of the referee and assistant referee signals.

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