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The NFHS Speech, Debate and Theatre Association (NFHS SDTA) is a professional organization specifically for directors and coaches of high school speech, debate and theatre programs. Among the many benefits of membership in the NFHS SDTA is excess general liability insurance coverage. This insurance policy provides liability insurance coverage for member speech, debate and theatre educators when they are performing that part of their duties that is extra-curricular. This includes situations that could occur during travel and participation in speech tournaments and other school-sponsored speech, debate and theatre activities. Click the link below for more information on the NFHS Speech, Debate and Theatre Association including a complete list of the many other benefits of membership and the objectives of the association. You will also find a link to the insurance provider's Web site which details the parameters of the insurance coverage.

The NFHS offers many other educational services which are available to anyone, regardless of membership in the NFHS SDTA. The links below detail the numerous activities, educational publications and other services available through the NFHS which are designed to assist speech, debate and theatre educators.

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Forensic Educator


Speech Debate and Theatre Publications


Advocacy: Making the Case for Forensics


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