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  • Learning the Hard Way How to do it the Right Way
    Beginning my career in officiating at the age of 15, I was provided an advantage few others were afforded: the mentorship of an 11-year veteran official, my father.
    By Joshua Thomas
    Dumb Things Smart Officials Believe
    Whether they are "old wives tales", traditions handed down, bad advice, or just plain lies, thoughts and ideas that hold no validity in the officiating world have a tendency to keep presenting themselves. And, unfortunately, smart officials many times believe dumb things.
    By Gary Whelchel
    Preparing your Championship Officiating Team for Track and Field
    The task of assembling and preparing a complete team of track and field officials for a championship event is a very daunting experience and needs to be implemented during previous years and maintained throughout the entire current season.
    By Rus Schreckenghost

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  •  Let's Make It Official 

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