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Vertically Challenged – Implementing an Up-Tempo/Pressing Style of Basketball Against a Team with Superior Height 

By Carl Normandin 

In the game of basketball as in most team sports, the most productive scoring opportunities arise from mismatch situations.   

 The Principles of Good Defense – Five Golden Rules

By Carl Normandin 

Most defensive schemes in high school basketball have Five Golden Rules. These rules are the cornerstones for most competitive basketball programs. If teams employ all of these tactics, they will be difficult to beat. 

A Self-Substitution System for Basketball 

By Bruce Brown, CMAA, AIC 

As both a classroom teacher and a coach, I always wanted to try and stay innovative in my approach to teaching the game of basketball. Beyond just the “Xs and Os,” our coaching staff was always looking for opportunities to motivate and inspire our student-athletes to compete with great enthusiasm. 

The Keys to Transition Defense  

By Carl Normandin

Since transition defense is the key to a successful half- court defense, you will need to make it your No. 1 priority in your game plan.

Essential Hoop Truths for Basketball Players 

By Blake Gardner

At the end of the season, a coach often looks back in order to look ahead. Often that assessment involves setting up a framework for things that all kids can improve upon. 

"Tryouts" Procedures for the Basketball Coach

By Carl Normandin 

Depending on your coaching situation, you may need to run a "tryout/team selection process.”  

Using Plyometrics for Basketball Pre-season Conditioning

By Clay Norton

Increasing an athlete's vertical jump in boys high school basketball can be a difficult task for a coach. 


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