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We welcome articles for the new online publication for high school coaches – NFHS Coaching Today. If you have an interest in writing and a background in coaching at the high school level, we would love to hear from you.

As its predecessor – NFHS Coaches’ Quarterly – NFHS Coaching Today will concentrate on subjects that will assist coaches in meeting the increasing responsibilities of their profession. We are interested in what coaches do game-to-game, match-to-match or meet-to-meet, as well as their unique problems, projects and programs. We want to share good ideas with other coaches and want coaches to receive credit for their innovations and hard work.

NFHS Coaching Today will continue to cover the key areas in high school sports as previously covered in Coaches’ Quarterly – risk management, sportsmanship, coaching education, sports medicine, coach-athlete relationship, motivation and much more – but we will be expanding to provide more sport-specific articles. In addition, the Web page will be updated frequently with new coaching tips, quotes, facts, current news and other helpful information.

ARTICLES of 1,000 to 1,200 words are preferred, although both shorter and longer articles will be considered. If your article is not used in full, it may be honed down and included in other specific sections. In either case, a brief biographical sketch is requested to ensure that you are properly recognized for your article.

PHOTOGRAPHS are welcome, particularly when they relate to an article you have submittedCharts and diagrams that relate to articles are also invited.

YOUR ARTICLE will have greater readability if you follow these suggestions:

  1. Be direct. Sentences that begin with the subject are best.
  2. Be concise. Sentences and paragraphs that are short are most easily understood.
  3. Be precise. Don’t say “a lot”; say exactly how many.
  4. Avoid trite expressions and overused phrases.
  5. Avoid the first person. Don’t say “we do this” or “I do that.” The exception to this would be articles for other departments, such as Ideas That Work or My Favorite Drill.
  6. Articles should be double-spaced and submitted electronically in a Word document.

Major features and departments for NFHS Coaching Today will be updated monthly, with news and shorter items updated more frequently. Once you submit an article for NFHS Coaching Today, it will be routed to the NFHS Coaching Today Publications Committee for review. Committee members review the manuscripts, providing comments regarding content, readability, timeliness and newsworthiness. Members then assign the article a numerical rating. This information is taken into consideration by the editor, who will 1) edit the manuscript for publication, 2) return it to the author for revision or 3) suggest another, more appropriate journal to which the article should be submitted.

Send editorial matter, accompanied by your bio, to Bruce Howard, editor, NFHS Coaching Today. Please send articles electronically with the article attached as a Word document to You can attach the bio as a Word document as well, and photographs can be attached in either a jpg or tiff format.

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